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2381 Blackfoot Flex2® Trail Saddle


The 2381 Blackfoot Flex2® is a great choice for a trail saddle with minimalist style but sacrifice nothing. It uses the SS Flex2® tree which provides a secure seat with a lower profile horn. Pared down close contact skirts, single dee rigging, and narrow fenders lend to a minimalist design. Multiple rings and footman’s loops provide plenty of opportunity to secure your gear. A handy hoof pick holder keeps your hoofpick, which doubles as a screwdriver. EBS® Trail Glide stirrups for even more comfort. Black grainout seat.  Impact Foam™ in seat keeps you comfortable all day in the saddle. Available in regular, wide, or extra wide tree width. The coordinating saddle pad cut in the round skirt shape with matching wear leathers completes a pulled together look for your horse. Hand tooled border, antique slotted conchos, and stainless steel hardware.

Flex2® saddles are designed to include comfort features for both the horse and rider that work in synergy with the Flex2® tree. Only Circle Y has the exclusive Flex2® tree design which uses a rigid ground seat for rider support, a high density bar which disperses rider weight, and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement. This results in a lightweight saddle that will never get wider over time, flex in half, or overflex to create pressure points if properly fitted. Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving!

Proper saddle fit is first priority. Use these general guidelines to help you decide which tree fit your horse needs. For more detailed information, please view our Saddle Fit page and our SaddleFittingGuide-CircleY2016.pdf (1 download) .
Medium: recommended for a horse with a defined wither
Wide: recommended for a horse with a round, or mutton, wither


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Slotted Indian Concho




3-Way Adjustable In- skirt


2 1/2" Neck, 2 3/4" Cap


11" D x 26" L


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  • Circle Y has designed this collection of black, gray, or chocolate ¾” wool felt pads with coordinating wear leathers to fit any Circle Y saddle. Wool felt is the preferred material for pads because it naturally absorbs shock and wicks away moisture keeping your horse cool and comfortable. Pads are available in several shapes and lengths to fit your saddle. Refer to the skirt shape and length to determine the best fit.

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    Circle Y flank cinches are made from the finest leather and quality stainless steel or brass hardware. The flank cinch provides stability to the saddle and should be snug (not tight) against the horse.

    A rule of thumb is to be able to slip two fingers between the flank and the horse at the apex of the belly. It should not be loose or hang below the horse’s belly – a loose flank cinch is a danger to horse and rider.

    Always use the connecting strap between the front and rear cinches to position the flank cinch properly and prevent it from becoming a ”bucking strap”.

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