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Sharon Camarillo Black Hawk Training Package

Sku: 7051

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The Black Hawk Training Package offers a collection of equipment proven to maximize snaffle bit education from the horse’s first rides through advanced training.

The package is required equipment for the Equine Science Department at Black Hawk College, home to one of the most successful intercollegiate equestrian programs in the nation.

The AQHA approved weighted snaffle was developed to enhance rider’s feel, culminating in a softer, more responsive horse without brace or resistance. The Signature 3-piece O-ring, mullen mouth snaffle applies pressure to the outside bar area for increased feel and lateral control.

Once the green horse learns to respond to the snaffle, the Signature Cowboy Martingale can be added to help create enhanced feel and additional control and balance as the horse progresses through the training process.

The weighted harness leather reins and browband headstall compliment rider and horse communication.

The Drop Noseband can be purchased separately for horses that have a tendency to open their mouths. It is designed to ride on the outside of the headstall, below the snaffle, or can be adjusted to use as a caveson under the headstall, above the bit as the transition to leverage is added. A great advantage in the bitting process.

“The My Choice Collection of Training Packages in my opinion, are the most complete training packages on the market today. Each comes with the Sharon Camarillo “My Choice” recommendation for successful results.” - Sharon Camarillo

Black Hawk Package includes:
Browband headstall • Split Reins • Cowboy German Martingale • Harness leather curb chain • Black Hawk Training Snaffle