“I love heaving my 500 lbs. saddle on my horse while struggling and breaking a sweat!” – said no one ever. Enjoy saddling up with these lightweight saddles – all weigh less than 23 lbs! (weights are based upon a 16” seat size)


1753 Julie Goodnight Flex2® Cascade Crossover | 23 lbs.
Designed for optimum comfort, weight, and function in a trail saddle. The adjustable double billet rigging allows the included girth to be positioned to suit each individual horse. A plaited nightlatch is added for rider security, and multiple footman’s loops give maximum flexibility when attaching gear. A pocket on the cantle includes a hoofpick, which also doubles as a flat head screwdriver to tighten chicago screws on your tack. > See this saddle up close

1753 Julie Goodnight Cascade Crossover

1588 Virginia Trail Gaiter®  | 22 lbs.
The Trail Gaiter® saddles were created to provide your gaited horse the freedom of movement required to perform his unique gait. The Flex2® tree is comfortable for many horses and has several comfort options for your riding enjoyment. The Virginia is a popular option because of the all-day comfort it provides in an endurance style.  The angled rear dee is great for securing your saddle when traveling over rough terrain. > See this saddle up close

1588 Virginia Trail Gaiter


High Horse® Cordura Trail Saddles | 22 lbs.
High Horse® by Circle Y gives you the confidence to saddle up knowing your saddle is hand made in Yoakum, Texas by our Circle Y saddle craftsmen team. With 6 trail saddle styles to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for you and your horse so you can easily saddle up. The Cordura ® skirts and fenders keep the saddle lightweight along with the durable Ralide tree. Each saddle has unique aesthetic features like hand tooled border, pretty conchos, and several with a more utilitarian look. > View the collection of Cordura trail saddles

6970 El Campo Gaited Cordura Trail

6914 Daisetta Cordura Trail


1151 Martha Josey Ultimate Lightspeed | 17 lbs.
Travel at the speed of light in the Josey Lightspeed saddle which weighs in at only 17 pounds! Built on the Josey Ultimate tree, we’ve lined synthetic skirting with pretty daisy suede leather to reduce weight for the ultimate lightweight racing saddle. This saddle features the new Rider Buckle-a locking stirrup leather buckle that prevents the sleeve from sliding off the stirrup leather buckle during a run. > Take a closer look

1151 Josey Ultimate Lightspeed Barrel

1522 Kelly Kaminski Flex2® Swift Barrel | 21 lbs. 

The Swift was built for speed by reducing the skirting and leaving only the essentials – it weighs only 21 pounds! And the new SRS seating has a unique textured surface-like a football-giving you more “stick” in the seat. Kelly’s barrel saddles are designed to keep you in a balanced position and are a popular choice for many barrel racers who like a deep seat and freedom of movment for their horse. > Take a closer look

1522 Kaminski Swift Flex2® Barrel


6931 High Horse® Mercury Barrel | 22 lbs.
Enjoy the advantage of reduced weight. Weighing in at only 22 pounds, this leather/synthetic hybrid boasts roughout seat jockeys for grip, a 5″ cantle for a secure seat, and turquoise rawhide braided horn and cantle binder along with turquoise stitching for a unique look. High Horse by Circle Y gives you the confidence to saddle up knowing your saddle is hand made in Yoakum, Texas by our Circle Y saddle craftsmen team. > Take a closer look

6931 Mercury Cordura Barrel


Want to keep browsing saddles? Check out the other lightweight saddles options that weigh less than 30 lbs. These saddles use our most popular Flex2® tree.