Rider Safety Check


Rider Safety Check

Before mounting, conduct a thorough walk-around tack check every time you ride. Check these points:

✔️Saddle and pad should be centered.

✔️ Cinch is in great condition and centered.

✔️ Tie straps and latigos should be in good shape: soft and supple free of rips, cracks or tears – never use leather that is cracked or overly dry or nylon that is frayed.

✔️ There are hobble straps on the fenders.

✔️ Stirrup leathers are strong and in good shape.

✔️ Saddle is rigged the same on both sides.

✔️ Bridle is fitting correctly.

✔️ Check all Chicago screws for tightness.

✔️ Check everywhere metal meets leather.

Watch our tips in the video below to help keep you safe in the saddle.