Kristi rides Gymkhana, barrels, and trails. She has five Circle Y saddles including the Omaha Flex2® for trails, a KK Blaze for barrels, and a Julie Goodnight saddle for her new horse.

Circle Y (CY): We love horse stories. Tell us about your horse and what discipline you ride.
Kristi George (KG): 
I have two horses. Both Quarter horse mares. The first is Aspen – she is 8 years old. She does Gymkhana, barrels, and trails. The second horse is Ruby, she is a 4-year-old Reiner that I am going to be training to do barrels and Gymkhana.

CY: Have you always ridden discipline/event or did you switch?
KG: I first started riding when I was 3. They had me doing leadline at local shows. I rode western pleasure as well as did halter classes. I am now into big 6 hour and more trail rides, Gymkhana, and barrels since I got my second horse. I am flirting with the idea of reining. My very first saddles were both Circle Y. I currently have 5 Circle Y’s. If that doesn’t tell you how much I love the brand, I’m not sure how else to!

CY: Which saddle do you ride in? Why did you pick that saddle?
I have 5 saddles. Two of which were from my showing days I don’t really use. I have an Omaha Flex2® for trails, then a KK Blaze for barrels, and I have a Julie Goodnight saddle, but I need to see if it fits my new horse. I don’t like having to change my stirrups around very often, so I have saddles set for specific disciplines. For example, my barrel saddle’s stirrups are way shorter than my trail. Can’t ride on trails for hours with my legs crunched up like I do for barrels.

CY: What is one of the best horse lessons you’ve learned?
KG:  One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is from Wylene Wilson. “Spooky people make quiet horses and quiet people make spooky horses.” She has helped me gain confidence and build an amazing relationship with my horses because I’m not afraid to try new things and push my horse past things they fear.

CY: What are some tips you’ve learned that you can share to help other riders?
KG: Always have a game plan. Before races, I go over exactly what my goal is. “Go in, circle to make sure we’re on the correct lead, look up at the first barrel, find the pocket when I need to push my horse past and turn. Remember – look up at the next barrel. Plan where my pocket is, when to use the leg pressure, and when to push the horse. Look up for the third kick, where I need to go for the pocket, and push my horse past, turn come home kick and let her go!” I run that through my head and say it out loud so I am confident with my plan, and I am better sticking to it.

CY: Do you have any special stories, facts, or tips that you would like to share with us?
KG:  I’ve grown up riding Circle Y and will always ride. I love being part of the I Ride Circle Y team and taking advantage of the perks.

All photos are used with rider permission.




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