What are the benefits to riding treeless saddles?

Treeless Saddle Benefits

In a treeless saddle, you can look to improve your times, increase your horse's comfort, and be closer to your horse? Many riders have made the switch to a Tammy Fischer treeless barrel saddle and committed to the treeless life. Each Circle Y treeless barrel saddle is made with the top insights from champion barrel racer Tammy Fischer. Not only will your horse enjoy complete freedom of movement, but you’ll enjoy feeling his every move this ultimate close contact ride.

Every Tammy Fischer Treeless Barrel Saddle Includes These Key Features:

  • Unrestricted movement for your horse
    • Our treeless design has a wood swell and cantle for stability, but no solid bars, letting the saddle move and flex with the horse through the sharpest turns.
  • Ultimate close contact between horse and rider
    • With no bars in the way, the rider is able to feel the horse and better communicate through clear cues.
  • Leg cut swells
    • Cut so you can have the closest contact possible, you can squeeze your horse with your thighs to stay centered and balanced instead of the tree.
  • Forward hung fenders swing freely
    • The fenders are forward hung to keep your feet in front of you for security, but are also free swinging to allow a wide range of motion for the legs when needed.
  • Neoprene skirts
    • Absorb shock and distribute the rider’s weight.
  • Lightweight design
  • Great for the horse that is hard to fit or has conformation issues
    • Treeless saddles conform to each horse.
    • Regular fit in general fits horses with a defined wither. Wide fit is generally recommended for horses that are broad or mutton withered.
  • Slanted horn
    • The horn is slanted forward so you can get up and out of the saddle safely when you need to.
    • Shaped and sized with Tammy Fischer so you can easily hold on.

Deep Seat:

For riders who want a deep, secure seat: 

The upright swell and 5" cantle keep you secure and positioned comfortably for your sharpest turns.

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