4 thoughts on “Julie Goodnight and Flex2®

  1. After trying out many different makes and models of western saddles I took a chance and ordered a Circle Y Flex Tree II Julie Goodnight Saddle.
    What a relief!! Not only does the saddle fit, it is the MOST comfortable saddle for me! I thought my Crates Lady Reiner was comfy… this saddle
    is far superior in comfort and extra ‘bells and whistles’ that are included with comfort in mind for both horse and rider.
    My horse is finally happy and sound, free moving and forward. There was always a niggling feeling that something wasn’t ‘right’ – now it is perfect.
    After a week back to work in the Julie Goodnight saddle we went in a show and won the Western Pleasure Class.
    Thank you!

    • Hello Laurie, Thank you for your interest. We sell through authorized dealers, so you may use our dealer finder to find one near you or you can shop online and the orders are filled by participating dealers. Thank you!

  2. I have used circle y for over 30 years. A few years ago I discovered I have joint separation which causes a pinched nerve and extreme pain. Coincidentally I read an article about “the twist of a saddle not made for a small woman”. I decided to try the Julie Goodnight saddle I just came back from riding 6 days in the Ozark Mointains. I had no pain!! My knees never fatigued, my hip did not bother me at all. I no longer need the wool seat cover to prevent chafing!! Amazing!! I rode all last year in the Trail GIter saddle and was miserably uncomfortable. Thank u Julie Goodnight!!!

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