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The Flex2® saddle is a popular choice in a variety of disciplines because it’s unlike any other saddle available today. Not all “flex” saddles are the same and has become a generic term in our industry. Only Circle Y has this Flex2® design to ensure safety and rider weight distribution.

The Flex2® tree has a dual-bar system which provides both stability and flexibility where they are needed. The rigid ground seat combined with the high-density bars will never overflex in the middle when you sit in the saddle.  The high-density bars provide stability under the rider for weight distribution which makes the Flex2® saddle an option for riders of all sizes – even those who need a 17″ or 18″ seat size. The low-density bars are what’s flexible which conform and flex at the tips with the horse to provide freedom of movement. It will never flex in half or get wider over time.

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Flex2® saddles are crafted with several comfort features for you and your horse. Look for these icons by the saddles to know what features are on certain saddles.





  1. Hello
    How long would it take to get a Long Ear wide?
    What if it doesn’t fit?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Michelle, typically it’s 6 weeks. You will need to verify the return policy with the dealer you purchase the saddle from. We do not sell direct. Thank you!

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