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Circle Y Team of Champions



Clay Harper

Biography: Jacquie Harper

I have been around horses for over 40 years, I have shown horses for over 20 years in the Arabian world riding English Pleasure. I showed my champion Arab for twelve years winning hundreds of awards and am currently working with my new Arab to make him one of the top Reining horses in the world. I am presently traveling the world with my new partner Clay Harper

Clay's Philosophy

When I say "Hold Your Heart In Your Hand" , I mean understand what feel is, find out what it feels like to communicate with your horse on a real level. When you hold your heart in your hand and understand what it is, you will know what to do at any time in any situation, to help your horse be all they can be.

Trainer and clinician, Clay Harper, has relied on the quality and performance of Circle Y saddles for several years. He, and wife Jacquie, travel the world promoting better communication with your horse to achieve success at what ever discipline.

Clay has worked and played with horses for over 40 years. He is the founder of the American Horse Trainers Group who's members include Frank Bell, Julie Goodnight and Josh Lyons to name a few. Clay has worked with and learned from most of today's great horse trainers.

Clay specializes in fixing problem horses of all breeds and disciplines. He tours around the world helping people to be better with their horses and helping horses to be better with people. His motto is "Hold Your Heart In Your Hand", and that is exactly what he does while working to help horses.





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